Okazaki Massage


The Okazaki (Long Life Massage) includes techniques borrowed from original Japanese Massage, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Herbology, and Western Massage. Together and repackaged, they represent Okazaki's new creation. However, while it is the same in some ways to more traditional approaches and therapies, it differs in a major way. Most of the work in an Okazaki Long Life Massage is done with the pointed elbow, using aromatherapy oil. this technique ofter lends itself to another nickname - The Elbow Massage. The use of the elbow offers the massage therapist the opportunity to penetrate deep into the tissue and promote healing through the promotion of improved circulation; Okazaki is supposed to be particularly adept at helping: Migraine Headaches, Stress, Tension and All forms of Fatigue be it mental, Physical or Emotional. Also, the Okazaki Long-Life Massage is touted as being an excellent aid in Physical Rehabilitation from Injuries.